Covid train cancelled, SRT cites lack of passengers

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A “special” Covid train that was bound for northeastern Thailand from Bangkok, today, has been cancelled. The State Railway of Thailand says there weren’t enough passengers.

Previously, the government had told the SRT to provide a train with 14 carriages to transport Covid patients from Bangkok back to their home provinces for Covid treatment.

The Covid train was supposed to leave from Bangkok today, and got to the Ubon Ratchathani province, depositing 1,489 people. Then, another 1,400 people were supposed to be brought back to Nong Khai this Thursday. Finally, another 1,500 people were supposed to be brought back to Ubon Ratchathani this Friday.

Yesterday, officials discovered that most patients who had previously reserved spots on today’s train had already gotten home by ambulance, rescue vehicle, or chartered bus. Other patients that had been diagnosed have recovered and were discharged from their respective hospitals.

The patients that still needed to get home made it “impracticable” to operate the train. Thus, the Transport Ministry used busses and rescue vehicles to transport the patients to the Northeast instead of taking the special Covid train.

Today, 296 patients had booked spots on the Covid train to Nakhon Ratchasima/Korat; 203 patients were supposed to go to Buri Ram; 99 people were going to go to Yasothon; 303 people were headed for Si Sa Ket; 243 people to Surin; 51 people were going to go to Amnat Charoen; and 294 were going to go to Ubon Ratchathani.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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