Cat stuck in drainpipe rescued in Nakhon Ratchasima

Photo taken from Khaosod

A one year old cat was successfully rescued from a drainpipe where it had been stuck for several days. The incident took place in front of a chicken rice shop in the Phimai municipality, Nakhon Ratchasima province today. The feline’s pitiful cries and forlorn gaze captured the attention of the disaster prevention and mitigation officials of the Phimai municipality, who rushed to assist.

The helpless feline had managed to get itself lodged in a drainpipe near the Phimai municipality’s roadside, unable to find its way out. Aided by a metal rod, the rescue team managed to pry open the drain cover and safely retrieve the cat from its predicament in about ten minutes.

The cat was found in a state of malnourishment, indicating that it had been trapped in the drainage system for some time, likely having entered through another point and struggled to find an exit until it ended up stuck at the reported location.

The first to discover the stranded feline was Chaiyaphon Udomthanatrasit, a 43 year old local food vendor. He stated that he was closing up his food stall and cleaning when he heard the cat’s cries emanating from the drainage pipe.

Upon investigation, he found the cat trapped behind the iron grating of the drain, unable to escape due to the small size of the grating’s holes. He promptly called Phimai municipality’s rescue team for assistance in removing the cat from the drainpipe.

With the rescue operation complete, it remains unknown as to who the cat’s owner could be, reported Khaosod.

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