Dead bodies in northeast Thailand belong to Nigerian & Vietnamese nationals

Photo by Sanook.

The bodies of a man and a woman found buried in a forest in northeast Thailand on July 28 have been identified as a Nigerian man and a Vietnamese woman. The man was 38 years old, and the woman was 33 years old.

Police believe the couple had been dead for two to four weeks when they were found, making it harder to identify the bodies. But thanks to the woman’s silicon breast implants, police have now been able to track down the silicon’s manufacturer.

The company, whose name has not been reported, said the silicon implants were from their lot number 19060170 and had been sent to Vietnam. Police then contacted the Vietnamese embassy to check the dead woman’s fingerprints, and they later said they matched that of a 33 year old Vietnamese woman.

Investigators also examined the man’s fingerprints and found they matched those of a 38 year old Nigerian man.

This news comes after police had faced several challenges in identifying the bodies. Earlier, police had contacted foreign embassies to go through their databases and check for reports of missing foreigners. Embassies weren’t able to give them relevant information, though.

Another challenge had been finding the tattoo artist who gave the woman her tattoos. The Deputy Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police said police had checked with the Thai Tattoo Artist Association about the designs, but no one was able to provide relevant information.

Now that police have identified the couple, they are continuing to investigate the case surrounding their deaths. The bodies were found buried in a forest in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

SOURCE: Sanook

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