Abbot arrested and defrocked after taking “up-skirt” videos of teenage girl

PHOTO: The Pattaya News

The abbot of a temple in northeastern Thailand has been arrested and defrocked after being accused of taking “up-skirt” videos of a teenage girl. The incident is understood to have taken place while the 16 year old girl was visiting the temple on a merit-making trip with her family.

The abbot has been named as 48 year old Thanachai Srisuriyawong from Samakkhi Pattana Ram temple, in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen. Police launched an investigation following a report filed by the young girl’s parents, with officers confirming photos and videos found on the monk’s phone backed up the parents’ allegation.

“We began the investigation as soon as the victim’s father reported the complaint to the police. We coordinated and informed the relevant authorities with the Buddhist Council about the behaviour of the monk after we found the evidence in Thanachai’s mobile phone.”

Meanwhile, Thanachai has confessed to taking the photos and videos but claims he was only doing so in order to reprimand the girl for wearing a skirt that was too short for the temple. He has been expelled from the monkhood and is being held at the local police station awaiting legal proceedings.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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