Worker found dead in Chon Buri camp, others mysteriously vanish

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A construction worker was found dead at a work camp in Chon Buri, leading to the mysterious disappearance of other workers.

Police are investigating the incident, which happened last night, June 25, and are baffled by the sudden vanishing of many workers from the scene.

The incident occurred at 11.36pm yesterday at a construction site in Takhian Tia, Banglamung District, Chon Buri Province. The Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Rescue Centre received a report of a murder at a workers’ camp linked to a local housing project. Upon receiving the report, Police Officer Wongsatorn Makkhanan from Banglamung Police Station and his team quickly arrived at the scene to investigate.

At the site of the incident, an unidentified man was found dead on a table. The man had visible wounds to his face and left ear, and the back of his head showed signs of being struck by a hard object. His body was covered in dust and dirt, indicating he had been dead for over an hour. Surrounding the camp, police found only a few workers sleeping in their rooms, while others had fled before the police arrived. Motorcycles were left abandoned, and fans were still running in the rooms.

A 51 year old worker, Prida Sophee, reported that while doing laundry, he heard an argument from the opposite camp. Shortly after, he saw a foreign worker in a sarong hiding in the bushes. When questioned about his actions and warned that the police would be called, the worker left. Someone then came out asking for help, saying there was a dead body in front of the camp. Prida discovered the deceased and immediately called the police for assistance.

Suwit Thongpan, a rescue officer from Takhian Tia stated that upon receiving the notification, the rescue team rushed to the scene. They confirmed that the injured person had no pulse. Most of the workers had already disappeared by then, leaving only a few rooms occupied.

“It was confusing to see the entire camp deserted.”

Police investigation

The incident has left the police puzzled as to why the group of foreign workers vanished from the camp without waiting for the police to investigate and gather information. There are also questions about whether these foreign workers are legally employed in Thailand.

The investigation is ongoing and police are working to uncover the circumstances that led to the worker’s death and the mass disappearance of the other workers. They are also looking into the legal status of the foreign workers involved in the incident, reported KhaoSod.

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