Wat Suan Kaew’s head monk offers ‘face down’ charms for 10 baht

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The head monk of Wat Suan Kaew, Bang Len subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi, is distributing face down charms to remind Buddhists to use morality, concentration, and wisdom in their battle against greed, anger, and delusion.

The charms are available to the public participating in merit-making at the temple or for a donation of 10 baht each to share with relatives, friends, and peers as a reminder of mindfulness for auspiciousness.

The head monk, Phra Ratchdhamanithet, explained the concept behind the charms, addressing criticism that he is imitating others and going against his disapproval of faith-based practices.

“These charms are not made because of faith, but to remind us that we should have wisdom to fight against the three robbers; greed, anger, and delusion.”

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The monk elaborated on these three robbers. Delusion is represented by a lotus flower surrounded by a circle, symbolising seeing the circle as a lotus. Anger is depicted by a gun, signifying conflict leading to harm, and the theft of goodness from one’s humanity, turning kind-hearted individuals into cruel, dark-hearted ones.

Greed is symbolised by grasping money and gold in mid-air, tricking others into making mid-air transfers, reported Sanook.

The trio of virtues – morality, concentration, and wisdom – known as the Three Jewels, are the tools to combat these robbers. The head monk’s charms, unlike faith-based ones, do not contain any sacred syllables.

“This is the first time I’m making these and giving them to people who come to make merit. When I first made them, people criticised me, saying I was copying others. But this is a different world. This concept comes from Luang Por Buddha Thas, using the Three Jewels as a weapon of righteousness, not guns or knives.”

The monk invited anyone interested to visit the temple and collect the charms, which will be available from today till New Year. They can be placed on the front door and consecrated daily, the monk does not consecrate them beforehand.

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