AIS Fibre and 3BB unite to boost Thailand’s home Internet industry

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AIS Fibre and 3BB have merged their strengths to supercharge the future under the name, AIS – 3BB Fibre 3.

This union aims to uplift the home Internet industry in Thailand, supporting sustainable national growth. The idea is to combine for a better life and boost your brighter future by connecting all applications with a fibre network and superior innovations exceeding speed and service standards.

Their mission is to cater to the 2.38 million AIS Fibre customers and 2.3 million 3BB customers, including businesses, shops, entrepreneurs, and state and private sector organisations from all sectors. They aim to offer greater benefits and support the industry and the nation’s digital economic systems in all forms for robust and sustainable growth.

The fibre broadband infrastructure will now provide higher speed, strength, stability, and accessibility across the country.

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They also aim to provide more opportunities and potential. This merger opens the door for every home, shop, and business to step into the future with cutting-edge innovations, making all applications possible and better than before.

There will be more happiness with entertainment for everyone in the house, from content and games to special privileges available every day, reported KhaoSod.

Network giants

Somchai Lertutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS announced the immersion of the two fibre network giants.

“We are announcing the success of AIS in merging the power between AIS Fibre and 3BB under AIS – 3BB Fibre 3. This will propel the vital mission to develop the fibre broadband infrastructure of the country to be robust and cover usage to reach all Thais equitably.”

Theerayut Siamphanroj, Chief Executive Officer of AIS Broadband Business explains the aim of merging AIS and 3BB in the hope that the collaboration will bring better service to all users in the country.

“AIS – 3BB Fibre 3 is the fusion of the strengths of both AIS Fibre and 3BB for a better life under the concept of Boost Your Brighter Future. This not only makes us a complete leader in the home Internet business but also elevates the industry and benefits customers, Thais, and the country more than before in three aspects.

“AIS – 3BB Fibre 3 is ready to drive business growth through the AIS Fibre 3 and 3BB Fibre 3 brands as Thailand’s number one high-speed Internet service provider. This creates a new standard for the market in terms of quality, service, innovation, and privileges, coupled with strengthening the broadband industry, which is an indicator of the country’s growth and competitiveness.”

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