VIDEO: Police officer reprimanded for laughing during interview on daycare centre massacre

The Royal Thai Police have taken away a senior police officer’s spokesperson duties after he burst out laughing while giving an interview on the death toll of the daycare centre massacre in Nong Bua Lamphu province, northeast Thailand, on Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon – just hours after the gun and knife rampage that claimed the lives of 37 people, including 24 young children – ThaiPBS interviewed a senior police officer via video call live on TV.

The officer in the clip, Pol. Maj. Gen. Paisan Luesomboon, holds the highly-ranking position of Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Provincial Police Region 4.

The news presenter asks the officer, “We know the death toll is 32 so far, do you have information about how many people are seriously injured?”

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“We haven’t yet received a report on exactly how many people are seriously injured. We only know the death toll so far,” he replied.

Then, the presenter asks the officer, “Is the gunman included in the death toll of 32?”

In response, the officer bursts out laughing. Meanwhile, the live ThaiPBS report flicks through blurred photos of body bags at the daycare centre.

The officer continues laughing as he mumbles, “I don’t know whether the gunman is included in the death toll. When I was told there were 32 casualties… I forgot to ask whether he was included.”

The presenters, dumbstruck, respond with “hmmm.” and “Ka.”

Pol. Maj. Gen. Paisan was heavily criticised for the insensitive outburst.

Today, Commander-in-Chief of the Provincial Region 4 Pol. Gen. Maj. Yanyong Waetosoth ordered for Pol. Maj. Gen. Paisan Luesomboon – the officer from the clip – is to be dismissed from the position as spokesperson.

It is assumed that he will continue carrying out his duties as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Provincial Police Region 4.

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