Vaping crackdown: 10,000 devices seized in Bangkok market raid

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Authorities in Bangkok have apprehended eight suspects and confiscated a staggering haul of over 10,000 e-cigarettes and vaping gadgets in a targeted operation near Ramkhamhaeng University.

In a joint effort between the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) and the Royal Thai Police, dubbed the Vape Operation, the crackdown aims to stem the tide of illegal vaping sales flourishing near educational institutions. Puangpetch Chunla-ead, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, spearheaded the mission, leading a decisive raid on Wednesday.

Amidst the bustling Number One market, nestled within the vicinity of student accommodations, investigators uncovered a network of 14 stalls peddling vaping contraband. The subsequent arrests and seizures have sent shockwaves through the illicit trade, with an estimated value of over 3 million baht worth of confiscated items.

Puangpetch expressed grave concerns over the peril e-cigarettes pose to Thai youth, citing alarming instances of usage among adolescents as young as 13. The ease of access to these devices near educational hubs rings alarm bells for parents nationwide, prompting a call for vigilance and swift reporting of any suspicious activities.

E-cigarettes and associated paraphernalia, including hookah and electronic hookah, remain strictly prohibited in Thailand, with severe penalties awaiting offenders, reported The Nation.

Sellers risk imprisonment for up to three years alongside hefty fines, while smugglers face a daunting decade behind bars and substantial financial penalties.

In related news, a 12 year old girl from Northern Ireland secretly started vaping at the tender age of nine, leading to severe illness and a near-death experience. Her lungs’ ability to function was comparable to an 80 year old’s due to the extensive damage.

In other news, a hookah bar in Cherng Talay was stormed by a team of ten officials from the Thalang District last month. Following the crackdown on the illicit tobacco trade, authorities have apprehended and charged the venue operator involved in the illegal activity.

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