Tantawan moved to hospital after activist’s death sparks stress

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Political activist Tantawan Tuatulanon was transferred to Thammasat University Hospital due to severe stress after learning of the death of fellow inmate Netiporn Sansomsak, known as Bung.

The transfer was recommended by medical professionals, and the prison authorities stated that there was no emergency condition prompting the move.

Tantawan, who was being held at the Bangkok Remand Prison, was reportedly informed of Netiporn’s passing earlier in the day and exhibited signs of acute stress, a reaction deemed natural given their close relationship and shared cell. Arjaree Srisunakrua, the Director of the Central Women’s Correctional Institution, confirmed that the two women had been close, likely witnessing the entire sequence of events leading up to Netiporn’s demise.

The prison officials decided to transfer Thanathorn to Thammasat University Hospital for her well-being. This move came shortly after a visit from Police Major General Tawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice, who offered support and inquired about the activist’s condition.

Tawee negotiated with Tantawan, suggesting that a change of environment to Thammasat University Hospital would be more conducive to her mental health.

When pressed for further details regarding the transfer, especially whether it was to prevent a similar incident to Netiporn’s death, Arjaree reiterated that the transfer was primarily due to the stress Tantawan experienced from the tragic news. She emphasised that special care was a standard procedure for inmates under such circumstances.

Security personnel at Thammasat University Hospital reported the arrival of a prison vehicle at approximately 2.30pm, followed by the admission of the activist into the building, escorted by two correctional officers. Security staff indicated that Tantawan appeared to be in normal physical condition upon arrival.

The case gained additional attention when, earlier that day, it was revealed that an autopsy of Netiporn had found no food in her stomach, raising questions about her well-being before her death, reported KhaoSod.

This detail has sparked discussions about the quality of care provided to inmates and whether Netiporn’s passing could have been prevented if her health had truly been in a satisfactory state.

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