Unusual TikTok incident: Tooth breaks into three pieces after hit by donation coin (Video)

Photo courtesy of @beewarunee749 (TikTok)

A viral video on the internet, shared by TikTok user @beewarunee749, recounts an unusual incident that doctors claim has a one-in-a-million chance of occurrence. The user’s tooth was chipped into three pieces when hit by a donation coin during a religious ceremony. The incident sparked a flood of empathetic and humorous comments from netizens, some of whom shared similar experiences.

The video, captioned “Real life is more dramatic than content, the doctor said the chance of this case happening is one in a million,” describes how a visit to a religious ceremony resulted in an unexpected trip to the dentist. The narrator states, “I went to the ordination ceremony and a donation coin hit my tooth, causing it to break into three pieces. Who would be so unlucky… if not me?”

The TikToker later posted a detailed video explaining the entire incident, scene by scene. The video showed the procession to the temple and the aftermath of the coin toss, including the broken tooth in three pieces.

After the video was released, it garnered a slew of comments from netizens. Many expressed sympathy and amusement at the unusual incident, while others shared their own experiences of being injured by donation coins.

The incident has prompted online discussions about the safety of some traditional practices, which can unintentionally result in injuries. It also serves to remind us that life can often be more unpredictable and dramatic than any scripted content.

The Thai tradition of tossing coins as donations during religious ceremonies is a common practice. It is believed to bring good fortune and merit to the participants. However, this incident highlights the unintended consequences that can sometimes result from these customs, sparking debates about the need for safety precautions in such events.

Despite the unfortunate incident, the TikTok user seemed to maintain a positive attitude, treating the experience as a unique story to tell, reported Sanook. This highlights the power of social media in sharing personal experiences, fostering empathy, and sparking discussions on various topics.

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