Thai man demands responsibility for explosion after fridge repair

Photo via Facebook/ Rattapol Yotinupamai

A Thai man demanded a home appliance manufacturer take responsibility for an explosion at his home after a technician came to repair a fridge.

The Thai man, Rattapol Yotinupamai, shared the details of the explosion to his followers on Facebook on December 3. Rarrapol explained that he contracted a technician from the appliance company to fix a refrigerator at his home on December 1. They arrived and started repairing at 1.15pm, and the explosion occurred at around 2pm.

According to Rattapol’s girlfriend, the technician was working in the kitchen when the woman heard a high-pitched squealing noise. She looked into the kitchen and saw the flame inside. The glass door and windows in the kitchen began to warp and the explosion took place.

The woman ran out of the house in shock, with wounds from broken glass on her legs and arms. The technician was injured by the flame and broken glass on his arms and face.

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The technician told Rattapol that the fire in the septic tank in the kitchen was caused by hydrogen sulphide in the tank. The technician also insisted that it was not his fault and that he had nothing to do with the repairs.

Rattapol reported the matter to the Bang Chan Police Station officers. Officers visited his home for an investigation. They took pictures of the scene and confiscated the technician’s tools for further investigation.

The appliance company remains silent

The appliance company later contacted Rattapol and offered him a new fridge. However, Rattapol had to return his damaged fridge to the company to get a new one.

Rattapol said he refused the offer because it was suspicious. The investigation had not been completed, so the company should not have taken the fridge, which was important evidence at that time. This made him even more suspicious of what the technician had done to his fridge.

Rattapol added that a long list of items were damaged in the explosion, but the company had not yet come forward to offer compensation. Damaged items included the glass door and windows in the kitchen, the kitchen ceiling, a roof over the kitchen, a front door, furniture in the kitchen, a ceiling on the second floor of the house and a car.

According to the last update on Rattapol’s Facebook account four days ago, the company had not yet begun to discuss compensation with him. The police investigation report had not been updated either.

Explosion after fridge repair
Photo via Facebook/ Rattapol Yotinupamai

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