Unhinged gunman fires 18 shots into school because kids were too noisy

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Another unhinged madman with a gun was arrested by police and charged with attempted murder after he fired shots into a Thai primary school because the kids were too noisy.

The 44 year old gunman, Wuttipong Chaloemwuttanon, was arrested last night after he fired 18 shots into Ming Sin School in the southern province of Ranong on Sunday, November 27.

The Deputy Director of Ming Sin School, Pornsin Srisuphan, revealed that the incident happened at 3pm on Sunday when about eight students came to school to practice for an academic contest.

The students heard the sound of shots and hid in the school building. One teacher ran up to the 4th floor to check the commotion and witnessed a gunman pointing his gun at the school from the window of a nearby four-storey building.

Pornsin revealed that the man, later identified as Wuttipong, had problems with the school in the past.

He complained that student activities were too loud and it bothered him.

Pornsin said the school acknowledged the issue and two layers of soundproof walls had been installed to reduce the volume of every school activity.

It was lucky that it was Sunday, most of the students were off school, and no one was injured in the incident.

Police officers and soldiers went to Wuttipong’s home yesterday and urged him to surrender. He ignored the calls until his family persuaded him to give up. Officers found that Wuttipong legally possessed a 9mm semi-automatic pistol while his father possessed two guns including a .22 revolver and a .22 rifle, which was the weapon used in this case.

Wuttipong was taken to the Mueng Ranong Police Station for questioning but refused to talk until today. He said he was angry about the noise from the national anthem and the chanting during the morning assembly.

Wuttipong was charged with attempted murder. According to Section 288 of the Criminal Laws: whoever murders others shall be punished with life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years. For attempted murder, Wuttipong would be punished with half of the punishment under Section 288.

All of the guns were seized by the police officers and the firearm licenses of himself and his father were revoked.

Shooting in Thai school
Gun pointed from a window of building nearby the school | Photo via ทันเหตุทั่วไทย

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