Udon Thani student narrowly escapes sexual assault by four men

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A female student escaped a harrowing experience just in the nick of time, after being forcefully dragged into a house by a group of four drunken men, who attempted to force-feed her alcohol and sexually assault her. The events transpired yesterday at 12.30am, yesterday, June 26, at a home located in Mueang district, Udon Thani. She managed to call her boyfriend for help as the men were momentarily distracted.

At 4.30pm, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Mueang Udon Thani Police Station, Theeraphan Kaewphonyo, received a report from a 19 year old student, referred to as A, that she had been forcibly taken into a house and sexually assaulted by a group of four men.

The victim, A, recounted that she had an argument with her boyfriend on the night of the incident and decided to walk from her dormitory to his house. Upon arriving, she noticed four men, university students aged between 21 and 23 years, drinking alcohol at a social gathering at a residence located just down the road from her boyfriend’s place.

They shouted at the student, asking if she wanted to join them for a beer. But before she could respond, one of them walked out and dragged her into the house. Once inside, they attempted to sexually assault and force-feed her beer.

Terrified, as she had never experienced anything like this before, she seized the opportunity to message and call her boyfriend for help when the group was momentarily distracted.

Her boyfriend, living close to the scene of the incident, just 100 metres away, arrived shortly after with a group of five friends to confront the drunken rapists. Upon his arrival, he asked the men about her whereabouts, but they claimed not to have seen her. Not buying the lies, he searched the house and successfully rescued her, reported KhaoSod.

Law enforcement officials are now actively investigating the case, focusing on gathering evidence and securing the arrest of the perpetrators.

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