Traffic police caught on TikTok video punching motorcycle rider on road

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A TikTok video has gone viral of a traffic police officer punching a motorcycle rider as she approached him at high speed on a road in the central province of Kanchanaburi. Luckily, the rider managed to maintain control of her vehicle and did not fall. The officer visited the victim yesterday to apologise and give her a gift.

Footage from the motorcycle dashcam was posted on TikTok by 1310ning1995 by the victim’s sister. The video caption said…

“My sister rode a motorcycle as normal as it should be, but you (traffic police) accused her of trying to crash into you. The traffic light was green. There was no light or sign to warn her to stop. What you do (hitting a helmet) is too much. Who will be responsible if she falls on the road? #ThaNamTuen #Kanchanaburi #PoliceHurtPeople.”

In the video, the motorcycle rider, identified as 33 year old Theenida Jariyathanawut, can be seen travelling at a high speed in the left lane. As she approaches the traffic light and intersection, the police officer walks across the road and strikes her helmet.

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The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 8, at the Tha Nam Tuen Intersection in Kanchanaburi. It gained significant attention on social media. Many netizens expressed their agreement with the TikToker and urged the victim to file a complaint against the officer.

Theenida was interviewed by the media after the TikTok video went viral. She explained that she was riding her motorcycle to work and increased her speed on the approach to the green light. The officer suddenly tried to stop her but she was unable to stop in time.

The officer then accused her of not following traffic rules, even though there was no warning for her to stop. The police later let her go without issuing her a fine.

Theenida’s sister, who saw the dashcam footage of the incident, decided to post it on TikTok to raise awareness and demand justice for her sister.

The traffic police officer who was involved in the incident arrived at Theenida’s home at the same time as the reporters interviewed Theenida. The officer apologised, gave a gift, and insisted that he did not mean to attack the woman and had only tried to stop her to allow a group of cars from the other side of the road to pass.

The woman accepted the apology and the gift, and her sister later deleted the video from the TikTok account.

Traffic police caught on TikTok video punching motorcycle rider on road | News by Thaiger

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