Spirited pilgrimage: Tourists flock to Kham Chanod for blessings

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Tourists flocked to the sacred island of Kham Chanod to honour the revered spirits of Pu Srisuttho and Sriprathumma, driven by unwavering faith and the hope for good fortune. The island, located in Ban Dung district, Udon Thani province, saw an influx of visitors yesterday, many of whom were intrigued by the mysterious appearance of four frogs in the holy well.

These frogs sparked curiosity and speculation among the faithful. Some visitors marvelled at how the amphibians could have ended up in the well, while others immediately saw potential lottery numbers in the occurrence, suggesting combinations like 94 and 49. Adding to the frenzy, a fallen Chanod tree, uprooted by a recent storm, revealed numbers 02 and 20 on its trunk, further fuelling the number-hunting craze.

At the ceremonial ground in front of Kham Chanod, tables were set up for various rituals, including offerings and prayers for prosperity. A prominent ritual leader, known as the Father Cham, guided these ceremonies. One group, in particular, conducted a ritual to invite wealth, where attendees eagerly scrutinised the holy water bowl for any numerical clues. Many claimed to see the numbers 829 and 928 in the candle wax floating on the water.

Despite differing visions, the common belief in the power of these numbers remained strong. The faithful continue to seek such signs, convinced that the spirits of Pu and Ya will bestow luck upon them. The total donations collected from six donation boxes on July 1 amounted to 36,970 baht, with the cumulative donations reaching 75,081 baht.

One visitor remarked that the appearance of those frogs was a sign.

“We come here with faith and hope, and sometimes, these signs guide us to fortune. The sacred well, a focal point of the island, has always been a place of fascination.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the numbers on the Chanod tree trunk as said by another visitor. It’s as if the spirits themselves are communicating with us.”

The sighting of the four large frogs only added to its mystique. People with keen eyes quickly turned the amphibians’ presence into potential lottery numbers, showing the deep-rooted cultural practice of finding luck in unusual occurrences, reported Khaosod.

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