Tourist allegedly pickpocketed at Pattaya Songkran splashing event

Tourist was allegedly pickpocketed during Songkran, photo by The Pattaya News.

A tourist was allegedly pickpocketed at a Songkran water splashing event in Pattaya. The tourist, 25 year old Chinnawut Lahoong from Bangkok, told police that his wallet was stolen during a splashing event on Pattaya’s Walking Street.

Chinnawut informed Pattaya City Law Enforcement about the incident last night. He said that he stopped to buy a water gun while at the splashing event but when he went to pay for the item he found that his wallet was missing. The wallet contained 3,000 baht in cash, as well as various ATM cards, Chinnawut said.

Chinnawut filed a report with Pattaya City Police, who are currently reviewing CCTV footage to identify any suspects, The Pattaya News reported.

Following the incident, Pattaya City Police issued a warning to tourists to be more careful with their belongings during the festival. Pickpocketing is a common problem during major Songkran events. Thieves often target waterproof bags that are loosely hung around the waist or sticking out of a pocket.

To prevent pickpocketing, Pattaya Police recommend that tourists wear waterproof bags around their necks with a firm strap and carry them inside their clothing, rather than on the outside. They also suggest not displaying any valuables or expensive jewellery.

Songkran isn’t the only time of year for pickpocketing in Pattaya. The city’s pickpocketing and theft problems were highlighted in several reports last year.

On February 10 this year, an Indian student was reportedly pickpocketed in Pattaya and had his wallet lightened of about 44,000 baht. The alleged incident occurred after he finished shopping at a local convenience store. He stated that a group of Thai people approached him after leaving the store. The group distracted him with conversation, asking him about what he bought and about his holiday in Thailand. The Indian tourists said that during that conversation one of them must have pickpocketed him and taken 44,000 baht in cash from his pants.

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