Govt officials spend too much time online rage Thailand netizens

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A survey revealing Internet user behaviour among Thailand’s government officials has annoyed the nation’s netizens who believe they have too much free time on their hands.

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) yesterday announced the results of a report on Thailand’s Internet User Behaviour, with government officials coming out on top.

The ETDA collected the information from 46,348 participants between April and July this year. The survey results revealed the average amount of time Thais spend on the Internet, popular online activities, popular e-marketplaces, trendy online content, and so on.

Thai netizens particularly scrutinized Internet usage hours categorised by careers, which showed that people working in government departments used the Internet the most. The survey showed that government officials spend about 11 hours and 37 minutes per day on the Internet, compared to students who were online for eight hours and 57 minutes, freelancers, seven hours and 40 minutes, business owners, seven hours and 29 minutes, and employees in the private sectors who spend seven hours and six minutes online.

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Thai netizens voiced concerns that government officials appear to have too much free time, considering every government department still works in the old-fashioned document-based system.

Netizens said…

“TikTok for 6 hours, Facebook for 4 hours, and Shoppee for 2 hours!”

“Too much free time!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I saw them listening to music and watching movies every time I went to the district office!”

“Paper documents are still required every time I worked with them!”

The ETDA believe the Thai government is ready for a digital transformation and an e-office system given the high number of hours officials spend on the Internet.

The ETDA is an organization set up to support and encourage the digital transformation of the economy and society in Thailand. The organization has been behind the Thailand Internet User Behaviour report for the past 10 years.

More information about the organization and survey is available on the official site of ETDA here.

SOURCE: Matichon | The Standard

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