Thailand’s First Food Rescue App “Yindii” | Thaiger Podcast Ep.10

Thailand's First Food Rescue App "Yindii" | Thaiger Podcast Ep.10 | News by Thaiger
Nobody likes to see food wasted.
Sadly, 33% of all food produced worldwide is either wasted or lost,
amounting to around 1.5 billion tons of food squandered annually.
Ecological disaster, really. Resources like labor, water, land,
and energy used to make the food also go to waste in addition to the food itself.
10% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by waste!
In an effort to assist on a local level, Yindii is on a mission to combat the issue of food waste.
Here at Yindii, we deal with tasty, high-quality surplus food that supermarkets
and restaurants must discard at the end of the day due to an oversupply of the item.
This can be premium bakeries that must bake fresh every day or buffet restaurants that restock wholesome food right up to closing time.
Make a difference for Thailand while taking advantage of the N.1 surplus food delivery with flash sales & unbelievably discounted prices!

What do we mean when we refer to high-quality unsold food?

hearty vegan lunches

In a perfect society, food would only be thrown away when it was uneaten, spoilt, or expired.
High-quality food that hasn’t been sold and can’t wait until tomorrow to be carried away, unfortunately, makes up a major portion of the food that is wasted in restaurants and supermarkets.
We’re talking about today’s perfectly edible and untouched meals, fresh and healthy salads,
hot-from-the-oven bread, and delectable pastries.
Nobody likes to see good food wasted. So start today by saving food and be a super (little) hero!
Join Natty Warisa and Louis-Alban Batard-Dupre, co-founders of Thailand’s only food rescue service,
Yindii in this episode of The Thaiger Podcast. Yindii is South East Asia’s number 1 food rescue app that allows you to save premium,
delicious foods at unbeatable prices while saving the planet. Yindii has been a marketplace that connects Bangkok restaurants
and cafes’ surplus to consumers at discounted prices. Thailand food
So far the Yindii app has been able to reduce Thailand’s food waste and carbon footprint by 70 tons this year alone. Thailand food

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