Thailand’s record-breaking electricity usage heats up weekend

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A record-breaking increase in electricity usage was registered in Thailand over the weekend as the nation grappled with soaring temperatures. The Ministry of Energy confirmed late Saturday that power demand peaked at 36,356 megawatts, surpassing the previous record set on Monday, April 22.

Extreme heat has been particularly severe in the country’s northern and northeastern regions. The Meteorological Department of Thailand reported a high of 44C in several areas on Sunday. With this persistent heatwave, authorities are repeatedly cautioning the public about the health risks associated with the intense heat.

The Ministry of Public Health reported an increase in heat-related fatalities, with an estimated 30 deaths nationwide so far this year. To put this into perspective, there were 37 heat-related deaths in total in 2023, based on government data.

Adding to the discomfort, the heat index in Bangkok, a measure that includes both temperature and humidity to determine how hot it feels, was reported as above 52C and categorised as “very dangerous.”

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This was posted on Sunday by the metropolitan administration on Facebook, advising people to refrain from outdoor activities. The warning has been reiterated daily since April 20.

Meanwhile, the highest temperature ever recorded in Thailand according to the TMD was 44.6C, a high that was marked in both 2016 and 2023, reported Bangkok Post.

The current situation is a stark reminder of the relentless heat that regularly grips the country, and stands as a symbol of the challenges that come with prolonged and intense heatwaves.

Meanwhile, the TMD yesterday issued a severe heat warning as temperatures are expected to soar up to a scorching 44 degrees Celsius. Citizens are advised to take precautions and avoid prolonged activities in open areas.

The high-pressure system caused by intense heat has blanketed the upper parts of Thailand, leading to generally hot to very hot weather conditions nationwide, accompanied by scattered thundershowers.

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