Thailand slips to 47th in global travel rankings

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) unveiled its Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024, and the results have left many surprised. Released on May 21, the Index provides a comprehensive evaluation of the global travel and tourism landscape, assessing the essential conditions required for investment and operation in the sector.

According to the report, Thailand has slipped to the 47th position worldwide, earning a score of 4.12 points. This places the country significantly behind global leaders and even some of its regional neighbours.

The United States soared to the top of the list, achieving an impressive 5.24 points. Hot on its heels, Spain secured the second spot with 5.18 points, followed closely by Japan in third place with 5.09 points. Within the Asian region, China made a strong showing, landing the 8th position globally with 4.94 points. Meanwhile, Singapore claimed the 13th spot with a score of 4.76 points.

The competition within the ASEAN region proved fierce. Thailand found itself ranked 4th among ASEAN countries, trailing behind Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This ranking has sparked discussions about the factors contributing to Thailand’s relative decline in a sector where it has traditionally excelled.

The Travel & Tourism Development Index evaluates a range of crucial factors, including the regulatory environment, infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, and enabling conditions that are critical for fostering tourism and travel development.

With these latest rankings, Thailand’s tourism industry faces the challenge of re-evaluating and enhancing its strategies to climb back up the global ladder, reported Pattaya News.

As the country reflects on its position, stakeholders are called to action to reinvigorate one of its most vital economic sectors.

In related news, Hurun Research Institute released its prestigious 2024 Hurun Global Rich List, revealing that Thailand ranks 12th worldwide for having the highest number of billionaires.

Hurun Research Institute is a leading research, luxury publishing and events group based in Shanghai, China, that focuses on the wealth of people around the world. The Hurun Global Rich List has made the institute famous, and the ranking was launched annually.

Thailand slips to 47th in global travel rankings | News by Thaiger

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

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