Thailand consumers council calls for investigation into yellow line malfunctions

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An urgent call for an independent examination of the Yellow Line’s recent malfunctions has been made by the Thailand Consumers Council (TCC). The TCC, led by Dr Anuchar Sethasathien who presides over the transport and vehicle sub-committee, has requested that transport experts along with the Rail Transport Department and Consumer Protection Board conduct a thorough investigation into the incidents that have disrupted services since Thursday.

Dr Anuchar expressed the need for a meeting to establish compensation measures for those impacted by these malfunctions. He emphasised that these investigations must consider both the rail traffic system and preventative measures to avoid any future mishaps.

In an attempt to better manage such situations, Dr Anuchar suggested the creation of specific guidelines for commuters in case of rail system malfunctions. Regular drills to ensure swift response times were also recommended. He reiterated that these points should be stipulated in future monorail construction contracts to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut, a fellow member of the sub-committee, agreed with Dr Anuchar, stating that an investigation should be initiated to identify the root cause of these incidents.

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The issues led to the temporary closure of six stations along the Yellow Line on Saturday. Alterations to the train schedules between the Lat Phrao and Si Kritha stations, and from Si Iam to Samrong station, were made in response to the ongoing situation. Commuters wishing to travel to Si Kritha were advised to switch trains at Lat Phrao station.

This comes after the Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority’s monorail resumed limited services on Friday following an incident where parts fell from the track between the Kalantan and Si Udom stations on Thursday. The incident, while causing damage to several vehicles, did not result in any reported injuries, reported Bangkok Post.

The Yellow Line’s operator, Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co Ltd (EBM), stated that an initial investigation traced the problem to a finger plate installed on the rail expansion joint that had slipped. This led to the plate and other debris falling onto the track. After resuming services on Friday with modified train frequencies, another issue arose when a track switch malfunctioned, leading to a power outage at the Hua Mak station.

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