Thai women dodge death as drunk driver turns beauty clinic into crash zone (video)

Photo via Facebook/ อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6

Two Thai women narrowly escaped death after a drunk driver crashed a sedan into a beauty clinic in the central province of Lob Buri.

A news Facebook page shared a video capturing the shocking incident on Sunday, March 24. The footage shows a red sedan crashing through the glass door of a beauty clinic, striking a reception desk where a female employee was seated. The impact caused the woman’s body to hit the wall behind her.

Fortunately, the woman avoided direct contact with the car and was able to rise to her feet and walk away. Another staff member, who was standing near the counter, narrowly avoided the collision. Additionally, luck was on their side as there were no customers present inside the clinic at the time of the incident.

Mueang Lop Buri Police Station officers later arrived at the scene and arrested the sedan driver, Boonyen. Officers administered a test and found that Boonyen had 214 milligrammes of alcohol in his system. The legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol content is less than 50 milligrammes per cent.

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The woman behind the counter, Anusara Sirichan, revealed to ThaiRath that the incident took place at about 5.15pm on March 20 when the clinic was about to close. She suffered minor injuries from the shattered glass door and the impact of the crash but was still frightened and panicked.

According to Anusara, another staff member standing near the counter, Narin Khiaokhetwit, was also injured in the incident.

Anusara added that the drunk driver did not suffer any injuries, while she and her innocent colleagues suffered as a result of his illegal action.

Anusara said the clinic’s glass door and much of its furniture were damaged. Her motorcycle, which was parked outside the clinic, was also damaged that day.

The owner of the clinic, a 49 year old doctor named Kannat Kusonsuk, told ThaiRath that she was away when the incident happened. She expressed her concern over potential losses had there been customers present at the service counter.

Kannat stated that she had already complained to the police, however, the intoxicated driver had yet to step forward to compensate her for the damages. The estimated cost of the damage ranged between 400,000 and 500,000 baht, not including expenses related to her employee’s motorcycle and medical bills.

Furthermore, Kannat mentioned that this was not the first such incident to occur at her clinic. She did not provide specific details about a previous car collision that had caused damage to the clinic.

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