Thai woman with golden face tickles taxi driver’s funny bone on TikTok

Photo via TikTok/ @maekaijae195.

In a humorous incident that amused Thai netizens, a woman from Thailand, took to TikTok to apologise to a taxi driver whom she had inadvertently startled with her golden face. The woman, Nitcha Punnapon, had her face covered in gold leaves after undergoing the Na Na Thong ceremony, and it had quite a surprising effect on the unsuspecting cabbie.

Sharing the tale on her TikTok account, Maekaijae195, Nitcha posted a video featuring her golden face, along with a caption expressing an apology to the taxi driver. She explained that she had been waiting for a taxi in front of a temple at 1 am, adorned with golden leaves. Her intention behind going through the Na Na Thong ceremony was to enhance her charm and prosperity.

In the video, Nitcha disclosed the cabbie’s reaction, which turned out to be rather flattering.

“You are beautiful already. I am sure that the ceremony will make you more beautiful and charming as you wish. Your beauty is gonna torture men. They will be obsessed with you!”

His kind words, however, did not alleviate the initial shock caused by her golden appearance.

In a subsequent video, Nitcha urged her followers not to laugh at her, emphasising that the ceremony held deep personal significance for her. She then proceeded to explain the process of the Na Na Thong ritual, revealing that she had covered her face with 108 pieces of gold leaves and chanted for an astonishing five hours.

Nitcha later granted an interview with ThaiRath, where she recounted the events surrounding the Na Na Thong ceremony, which took place on August 1. The ritual commenced at 7.19pm and lasted until midnight. During the ceremony, the officiant advised all participants, including Nitcha, to keep the gold leaves on their faces for as long as possible, as it was believed to enhance the sacred and beneficial outcomes.

Consequently, Nitcha chose not to wash her face after the ceremony, unaware of the hilarious effect it would have on the unsuspecting taxi driver later on.

Despite receiving some negative comments, labelling her as gullible for believing in such rituals, Nitcha remained undeterred. She asserted her unwavering belief in the power of the ceremony and expressed her happiness at having taken part in it.

Nitcha’s story gained attention from various news agencies, highlighting the impact the Na Na Thong ceremony had on her life.

The Na Na Thong ceremony, also known as the golden face ceremony, holds great significance among the Thai people. Participants have faith that adorning their faces or bodies with gold leaves, while chanting sacred words, will lead them to success in their careers or businesses. However, those who partake in the ritual are expected to adhere to specific moral guidelines, including refraining from lying, controlling anger, and respecting Buddhist precepts.

Nitcha’s unintentional spooking of the taxi driver serves as a lighthearted reminder of the intriguing cultural practices and beliefs that continue to thrive in Thailand.


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