Thai man having secret affair abuses pregnant wife and kidnaps daughter

Photo via Amarin TV and Channel 3

A pregnant woman in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima filed a complaint against her husband for physically abusing her and kidnapping their four year old daughter after she discovered his secret affair.

The 24 year old pregnant woman named Jah sought help from the Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Social Development and Human Security, and authorities accompanied her to the Huay Talang Police Station to report the incident yesterday, January 11.

Jah informed the police that she had married her 42 year old husband, Sanong Tathaisong, several years ago and they have two children together. Their eldest daughter is four years old, and Jah is currently five months pregnant. Jah later discovered that Sanong had been unfaithful and brought his lover to their home while she was away.

Unable to accept this, Jah requested a divorce but her husband refused. Consequently, she moved out of their home and went to live with her mother. Jah recounted that Sanong visited her residence on January 6 and allegedly beat her up before snatching their daughter and severing all communication with Jah.

Hospitalised due to injuries sustained during the incident, Jah, upon her discharge, sought assistance from Social Development and Human Security. She intended to file a complaint against both her husband and his mistress.

Husband’s remorse

Police managed to locate Sanong and the girl today, January 12, and accompanied them to the police station to meet Jah. Channel 3 reported that Sanong cried during the interview with the media and admitted to his guilt.

Sanong told the media that he physically abused Jah because he was angry. He insisted that the injuries were not serious and he had never meant to hurt Jah but could not control himself.

Sanong admitted that he was having an affair with another woman who was his colleague and accused Jah of cheating on him, saying that Jah had been sneaking around to talk to her ex-husband.

Sanong said that he and Jah could not get back together and that he would agree to divorce her. The only thing he wanted was to see his daughter every week for at least two days.

The mother of Sanong’s lover, Somjai, told Amarin TV that she had just found out her daughter was a mistress. She thought they were friends because her daughter also had a husband and a five year old daughter. When she found out, she warned her daughter to end the relationship but she would not listen to her mother.

The details of the lawsuit against the mistress were not made public but Sanong faces two charges for his actions including:

  • Section 295 of the Criminal Law: causing bodily or mental harm to another person. The charge results in imprisonment of up to two years, a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 358 of the Criminal Law: damaging property of another person. The charge results in imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

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