Thai woman falls off building while fleeing mentally ill neighbour

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A Thai woman fell from the third floor of a building in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok while she was fleeing from a mentally ill neighbour who attempted to stab her.

Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station officers were called to rescue a Thai woman, 63 year old Chamaiporn, who fell from her room on the third floor to an awning on the second floor of the four-storey building in the Talad Kwan district of Nonthaburi province.

Chamaiporn was sitting on top of the awning with injuries to her legs and a wound on her left arm. The rescue was complicated by the fact that a steel grill was installed on every window on the second floor for the safety of the tenants.

Officers discovered a door to open the steel grill window, but they did not have a key. They planned to cut off the steel pattern, but Chamaiporn’s younger sister, 58 year old Nid, arrived on the scene in time.

Nid managed to get the key and went outside to help her sister. Officers administered first aid to Chamaiporn and took her to Pranangklao Hospital for further examination.

Chamaiporn told the media that a mentally ill neighbour knocked on her door. Unaware of the danger, she let the attacker into her room. The attacker immediately pointed a knife at her and tried to stab her.

Chamaiporn said she escaped from the attacker by climbing out of the window of her room. She fell onto a building sign and tried to hold on to it. Her hand was slippery and she fell onto the second floor awing.

Officers apprehended the attacker in her room within the building. She was a 50 year old woman with a boyish appearance, Other residents of the flat reported that the assailant had a mental illness and often went on a rampage when she ran out of medication.

The attacker was transferred to Srithanya Hospital for psychiatric patients. She would undergo several mental health tests and may be admitted to the hospital for proper treatment.

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