Motorbike rider cheats death in Pattaya cable catastrophe

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In Pattaya, a Bolt motorbike rider narrowly cheated death when he collided with a hanging cable, leaving his neck gruesomely wounded.

The motorbike rider, 22 year old Ethan Ketwongsa, took to Facebook to recount his harrowing ordeal that unfolded on December 17.

Cruising down Soi Ban Nern Thang Rotfai 1, just off the parallel railway road in East Pattaya, Ethan found himself in the midst of a life-threatening situation. At 5am, he was heading home after dropping off a customer when the unimaginable occurred.

Ethan, motorbike rider in the employ of the Bolt ride-sharing app, narrated his tale of terror to local media.

“I saw a car swerving ahead, a warning sign I failed to heed due to the poor lighting in the area.”

As fate would have it, a cable lurked in the shadows, stretching across the road like a treacherous trap. In the blink of an eye, his bike collided with the sinister cable, entwining it around his neck and sending him hurtling towards disaster.

Miraculously, Ethan clung to consciousness after the heart-stopping impact. Swiftly, he wrestled free from the cable’s strangling grip, dragging it to the roadside to stave off further calamity. However, the sinister cable had left its mark, inflicting visible burns and abrasions on Ethan’s neck, reported Pattaya News.

Still quivering from the adrenaline surge, Ethan voiced his exasperation with the reckless installation of the cable. Blaming it as a perilous threat to public safety, he called upon the responsible authorities to shoulder accountability. In a fervent plea, Ethan urged the powers that be to implement stringent safety measures, preventing a recurrence of such incidents in the future.

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