Thai woman escapes abusive mafia ex-boyfriend

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A Thai woman managed to file a complaint at Mueng Pattaya Police Station after escaping from her mafia ex-boyfriend who allegedly kidnapped, imprisoned, and abused her at a resort in the central province of Lob Buri.

The victim, 29 year old Thai woman Bee, filed a complaint with the police after escaping from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Golf, who allegedly kidnapped, imprisoned, and abused her at a resort in the central province of Lob Buri.

Bee revealed that she was kidnapped and imprisoned but did not trust the officers in Lob Buri because Golf allegedly knew many police officers, so she reported the issue in Pattaya.

According to Bee, Golf had been physically and emotionally abusing her for the last two to three months of their relationship. Golf allegedly beat her with a rubber hose, strangled her with a phone charger wire, threatened her with a gun, pushed her face down into the water, and handcuffed her while sleeping. After breaking up with Golf, Bee went to live with her family in the Isaan province of Maha Sarakham.

However, Golf and four to five of his friends showed up at Bee’s house on May 6, demanding that she go with them. When Bee refused, they fired gunshots at the front door and broke into the house. Golf then beat her with his gun and dragged her to his car.

Bee was then taken to a friend’s resort in Lob Buri where she was imprisoned. Golf abused her further by slapping her with his shoes and shooting iron balls at her with a sling. He even tattooed the word “Stop Love” on her face, telling her she must let him do it if she wanted to break up with him.

Despite fearing for her life, Bee managed to escape when Golf took her to Bangkok. She hailed a taxi and went straight to a police station in Pattaya to file a complaint against her thuggish ex.

Bee told police that Golf was an influential person in Lob Buri and operated an informal debt service with very high-interest rates. He knew many powerful people and always managed to evade charges. He even recorded videos of him having sex with Bee to blackmail her if she revealed his illegal business to the police.

Bee’s case is currently being investigated by the police, and no further developments have been reported yet.

The bravery of Bee in reporting the incident to the police is commendable, and hopefully, justice will be served for her and other victims of abuse.

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