Children rescued after father forces them to trade sex for his drugs

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Officers from the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women yesterday rescued a seven year old boy and nine year old girl from a drug dealer on Koh Samui, an island in the southern province of Surat Thani. Their drug-addicted father confessed to sending his children to work as sex slaves for the dealer in exchange for free drugs.

A local in the area sought help from the foundation after witnessing a 50 year old drug dealer named Jee detaining the two children for over a month. The local reported that the children’s father was a drug addict and had given his children to the dealer in exchange for free drugs.

According to the local, the nine year old girl successfully escaped from Jee’s clutches and sought help from people in the area. The girl revealed that Jee detained and sexually assaulted her and her younger brother.

The local reported the issue to the children’s grandmother. The grandmother asked Jee to return the boy to her but he refused, so the local asked the Pavena Foundation to help rescue the boy.

The foundation collaborated with Bor Phud Police Station and raided Jee’s house yesterday, April 24. Officers found Jee sleeping with the boy in the house and immediately took the boy away to a safe place.

During the raid, officers found 150 tablets of methamphetamine, also known as Yaba, and 0.27 grammes of crystal meth. Locals in the area confirmed that many people bought drugs from Jee.

Officers subsequently visited the children’s father’s residence, where they discovered drugs in his system. They escorted him to the police station for further interrogation, during which he confessed to sending his children to Jee in exchange for drugs. Following more detailed questioning, the officers planned to send him for rehabilitation.

Initially, Jee faced charges of possessing drugs for sale. The police awaited the results of the medical examination of the two children and information from the interview with the child welfare specialist to confirm the sexual assaults and pursue additional charges against Jee.

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