Thai teacher sexually assaults at least 3 schoolgirls aged 10

A Thai teacher at a school in the central province of Nakhon Sawan plans to give himself up to the police tomorrow after being accused of sexually assaulting some of his 10 year old pupils. At least three schoolgirls have come forward saying they are victims.

A Thai couple, 42 year old Moonsub and 47 year old Panya, filed a complaint against 49 year old male teacher, Suppachai, at Tha Tako Police Station in the Tha Tako district of Nakhon Sawan today, February 5. The couple accused Suppachai of sexually assaulting their 10 year old daughter, Kanyarat, since she was nine years old.

The couple revealed that Kanyarat told her 18 year old brother about the assault, and her brother later informed his parents of the matter. The victim told her brother that Suppachai put his finger into her vagina on January 29, and he did the same to her once last year.

The girl added that she was not the only victim and her friend was allegedly assaulted too. Moonsub and Panya decided to contact, Irene, the mother of Kanyarat’s friend, to inquire about the sexual assault.

Irene then spoke to her daughter and discovered that she was another victim. Irene’s daughter revealed that the teacher touched her breasts and her vagina several times. Another schoolgirl emerged as the third victim but the details of her case were not made public.

Panya informed Channel 7 that the teacher attempted to reach out to her to resolve the matter and offer an apology. However, she declined to engage in conversation with him and remained firm in her decision to press charges.

Panya added that her daughter expressed reluctance to attend school due to her discomfort in encountering the teacher, and she adamantly opposed allowing such a teacher to continue in his profession.

The superintendent of the Tha Tako Police Station, Itsarate Harndam, reported that the accused teacher contacted the police and said he would turn himself in tomorrow, February 6. Itsarate added that the schoolgirls are under questioning by children welfare specialists.

The school director insisted that the teacher was temporarily expelled while the investigation into his behaviour continued.

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