Thai stepfather denies abusing 14 year old boy

A Thai man accused his ex-wife’s husband of physically abusing his 14 year old son. The accused stepfather defended himself, saying the boy suffers from a mental illness and often hurt himself to get attention.

The boy’s biological father, identified only as A, on February 12, sought help from a social media influencer Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, accusing the stepfather of abusing his 14 year old son. A said the boy was forced to take methamphetamine, eat cat and dog excrement, eat animal feed and drink his own and his stepfather’s urine.

A further explained that the stepfather burned several parts of the boy’s body with a lighter and assaulted him until he suffered from eye disease and had bruises and wounds all over his body. A claimed that the stepfather also encouraged his son to kill him.

A clarified that he had to leave his son with his ex-wife and her husband because the couple sued him for fraud, which led to his imprisonment in 2019. A said the abusive behaviour of the stepfather was reported to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (M-Society) once but his son was forced to tell the authorities that he hurt himself.

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A was released from prison at the end of last year and searched for his son until he met him at a temple in the Isaan province of Surin. He learned of the abuse and decided to seek Gun’s help.

Police and child welfare specialists questioned A and the boy about the abuse and found the two provided some different accounts. Officers then summoned the accused stepfather and the boy’s mother to the police station yesterday, February 13, for questioning, and the couple gave a completely different story.

Stepfather denial

The stepfather told police that all of the boy’s wounds, bruises and illnesses were the result of self-harm. The man said the boy had a mental illness and often ran away from home, saying he wanted freedom. He said his stepson used to run away to Bangkok and come back with injuries.

According to the stepfather, the boy recently fled from home and went to the Silom area of Bangkok, where he had to pick him up and take him home. The boy recounted to him that his injuries stemmed from a scuffle with homeless people in the vicinity.

The boy’s mother informed the police that her son’s initial encounter with treatment for his mental illness occurred at the age of eight. Despite this, he adamantly refused treatment and declined to adhere to his prescribed medication.

On one occasion, he sexually assaulted his younger sister and attempted to cause her harm. Additionally, he engaged in assaults against his classmates, resulting in his expulsion from school.

The mother conveyed that she forwarded images of the boy to his biological father, A, seeking guidance and resolution for his mental health issues. Regrettably, A broadcast this information to the M-Society and levied accusations of maltreatment against her family.

Admitting the inability of herself and her family to provide adequate care for the boy, the mother expressed readiness to facilitate his living arrangements with his father, should A so desire.

Neighbours living near the boy’s home confirmed his mental health illness. One woman said she witnessed him arguing with a food vendor and had never seen anyone abuse him. Another woman said the boy seemed to have a mental illness, but she knew nothing about the physical abuse.

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