Thai soldier rapes his stepdaughter, mother forgives rapist

A Thai soldier raped his 14 year old stepdaughter and got her pregnant. The victim’s mother and grandmother insist that the charges be dropped because they are family, and the rapist is the household’s breadwinner.

A Thai teacher at a school in the Isaan province of Udon Thani filed a complaint at Mueang Ubon Thani Police Station on February 6 after learning her student, identified only as A, had been raped. The teacher said A had a developmental delay and she was paying close attention to her.

The teacher noticed that A seemed depressed, unlike before, so she wondered if her student had any problems at home. A finally revealed the sexual assault to her teacher saying her 32 year old stepfather, a sergeant major first class, did it. The name of the soldier was not revealed in the report.

A explained that the incident took place about four to five months ago when she was ill and at home alone with her stepfather. She took medicine which made her feel drowsy and she fell asleep. The stepfather lay down next to her, hugged her, took off her shorts and sexually assaulted her.

A said she woke up later and felt pain in her private parts and saw semen in her vagina. She did not tell anyone about the assault until the teacher asked about it.

The teacher accompanied the girl to the hospital for a medical examination and to lodge a police complaint with evidence. It was during this process that the teacher discovered the girl was five months pregnant.

Mother compromise

The incident was reported to A’s mother and officers at Mueang Ubon Thani Police Station. The victim’s mother and grandmother did not want to file a complaint to the police. They said the suspect was the family’s breadwinner and they could still function as a family despite the problem.

However, police officers and the Udon Thani Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office insisted that the sexual assault case against a minor could not be compromised. Officials then gathered evidence on the case and issued a warrant for the soldier’s arrest.

The rapist turned himself in yesterday, February 8, and admitted to his crime. The man refused to give an interview to the media and quickly left the police station after two hours of questioning.

Officers told ThaiRath that the soldier confessed to raping his stepdaughter but insisted he did not mean to. He claimed that the rape happened when he was wiping her body to lower the temperature. He insisted that the sexual assault only happened once.

The penalty against the soldier had not yet been issued. He is expected to face further charges and punishment from the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

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