Thai schoolboy breaks knee after impaling it on Udon Thani school fence

A fifth-grade boy experienced a severe injury following an attempt to climb a school fence where misfortune paid a visit as he impaled his knee on the sharp metal, resulting in a broken bone. The incident occurred around 4.20pm yesterday at Ban Mak Khaeng School in the Udon Thani province.

The rescue team from Udon Sawang Methadhammasathan Foundation for Rescue promptly arrived at the site after receiving an emergency alert. The boy, identified as 11 year old as Matthew, was found hanging from the fence, with a metal spike embedded approximately two to three inches deep into his right knee. Matthew was seen clutching onto another metal piece to alleviate the pain while waiting for the rescue team to arrive with cutting tools.

The incident took place behind the school’s restroom, adjacent to Udon Thani Vocational College. Matthew’s schoolmate, 10 year old Bow, heard his cry for help initially mistaking it as a playful act. Upon realisation, they immediately informed a teacher and gathered around the fence to support Matthew while waiting for the rescue team.

It took about 30 minutes to cut the metal out of the fence before rushing Matthew to Udon Thani Hospital for surgery to remove the metal from his knee that caused a broken bone. Bow reported that Matthew was conscious at the time revealed by a rescuer from the foundation.

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“Matthew had decided to climb the fence to exit the school after classes ended, rather than waiting for the school gates to open.”

The school principal expressed shock at the occurrence, stating it was the first such case in his tenure. He rushed to the scene after being informed by a teacher and expressed concern about the severity of the boy’s injuries.

The school principal shared that all students were explicitly instructed not to climb or hang on the school fence, reminding them that there are three gates open for parents to pick up their children after school. However, the reasons behind Matthew’s impulsive decision to climb the fence remain unclear.

Post successful surgery, Matthew’s parents and class teacher were waiting for him at the hospital. The school principal reiterated that this unfortunate incident should serve as a reminder for all students to adhere to the school’s safety rules and not engage in dangerous activities.

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