Thai residents tee off with golf protest over neglected road (video)

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Residents of Phimai district in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima staged a protest to highlight 30 years of neglect by playing golf on the cracked and potholed road.

Channel 7 reported today, March 18, that more than 20 residents gathered and played golf on a public road. Locals told the media that they felt compelled to take action due to the road’s extensive 6-kilometre stretch riddled with cracks and potholes, which authorities had neglected for three decades.

The image shared by the media showed a red flag pole placed on one of the potholes in the road and an artificial grass carpet laid across the road. A Thai woman was seen dressed in golf attire trying to put the ball into the pothole.

People added that this was not the first time they played golf on the road in protest. They did this several times before but their actions had not attracted the attention of the authorities.

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Sunee Satesuwan, a 41 year old rescuer, disclosed to Channel 7 that their rescue foundation frequently receives reports of critical patients and accidents within the community. However, she lamented that she and her team often face delays in providing prompt assistance due to the condition of the deteriorated road.

Sunee highlighted the challenges faced by their foundation’s driver, particularly when transporting pregnant women from the community to the hospital. The uneven and broken road poses risks that could adversely affect the well-being of expectant mothers during transit. She expressed hope that the relevant authorities would take action to improve the road conditions, prioritising the safety of the residents.

The mayor of the Krachon Sub-district Office, Somphon Prakobphon, revealed to Channel 7 that the sub-district office was aware of the problem but the road was not their responsibility. The road was the responsibility of the Royal Irrigation Department (RID).

Somphon stated the RID already approved a budget to repair the road and that maintenance was expected to start in May and finish this year.

However, the road would remain the dirt track, which could easily be damaged. Somphon hoped that the province’s Member of Parliament would seek a budget to concrete the road for the locals.

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