Hidden camera in woman’s bathroom sparks police investigation

A 60 year old Thai woman was left in shock when she discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom of her home in Nakhon Ratchasima province. Initially mistaking it for her grandchildren’s toy, she reported the incident to police today, March 18, seeking their assistance to track down the perpetrator.

Rabiap Lokrathok, a community leader from the new Chai Mongkol village, was informed by a resident about the unauthorised installation of a surveillance camera inside her bathroom. Together with the officers from Khon Buri Police Station, they investigated the scene.

The residence where the incident occurred belongs to a woman named Phorn (surname withheld), who is 60 years old. The investigation revealed a makeshift camera setup involving a fishing rod and a plastic water bottle concealing the device, which was positioned to capture the interior of the bathroom.

Phorn, who lives with her two granddaughters, aged 20 and 22, and a 12 year old grandson, explained that the children’s parents are park officials who work away from home, leaving the house predominantly female-occupied. On March 16, Phorn noticed the suspicious object but initially dismissed it as a child’s plaything. After it disappeared and reappeared, she realized it was a camera designed for covert observation and promptly informed the authorities.

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While Phorn expressed concern for her granddaughters’ safety rather than her own, the community leader of Chai Mongkol provided additional context, stating that this was the first known instance of such an invasion of privacy in the area. However, there had been previous reports of women’s undergarments being stolen, with the perpetrator concealing their identity from surveillance footage. This latest incident has heightened the community’s sense of unease.

The police are currently investigating the incident, and the motivation behind the camera’s installation remains unclear. The community is on high alert as they wait for the authorities to apprehend the individual responsible for this unsettling violation of privacy.

Hidden camera in woman's bathroom sparks police investigation | News by Thaiger
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