Thai researchers boost export potential of local durian through innovative ripening inhibition technology

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The National Research Office (NRO), under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation in Thailand, announced it supports the transfer of durian production technology and ripening inhibition technology.

This support is particularly for the local “Lap Lae Durian,” which aims to help export Thai durians to the international market. The move was initiated by Wiparat Dee-Ohng, Director of the NRO, instructing the NRO’s Information and PR team to lead a group of journalists to visit a research project area related to “Knowledge Management and Transferring Durian Production Technology for Commercial Use in Lower Northern regions.”

As part of the project, a team of researchers from Naresuan University, led by Associate Professor DR Peerasak Chaiyprasat, is working to increase the potential and standard of local durian varieties in quality inspection. This will establish them as ready for future export, providing knowledge that farmers can adapt to their practices to produce quality products. The research was carried out at the Lap Lae Durian Orchard in Lap Lae district, Uttaradit province.

One important aspect is the delay in the ripening of the trimmed durian for consumption. The package must be specially designed to keep it fresh for a long time, safe for consumers, free from contamination or toxic residues, and meet international standards, reported KhaoSod.

The project has demonstrated success by extending the shelf life of prepared durian products to 28 days at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. This extended shelf-life offers the potential for exporting trimmed durian products, thereby increasing income for farmers, revitalising the economy, and enhancing the competitiveness of exporters overall.

During the visit, Supap Panlap, or Jib, owner of the Lin Laplae Durian Orchard, played host along with the researchers led by Associate Professor Dr Peerasak. The orchard grows several varieties of durian, namely Lin Laplae, Lhong Laplae, and Mhorn Thong, which originate from Jib’s grandfather, Lin Poomlad, referred to as the origin of the famous “Lin Laplae Durian” of Laplae Town.

The famed Lin Laplae Durian Orchard also benefits from the knowledge and production and ripening inhibition technologies for durians from this research project.

The orchard, with research funding assistance from the NRO, has established an international-standard packaging and sorting plant and has begun the process of acquiring Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This will enable the Lin Laplae Durian Orchard to export its durians abroad and indeed sends Thai durians striding forth with research and innovation.

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