Thai policewoman arrests her own Facebook impersonator

A Thai policewoman arrested her own Facebook impersonator in what seems to be a gratifying moment for the officer. Police say the woman created a fake Facebook profile impersonating the policewoman and proceeded to steal around 400,000 baht from her online acquaintances. The senior policewoman, Kanjira Norsan, a Crime Suppression Subdivision inspector, arrested Natthaya Khomaram in a rented room in the country’s central Saraburi province.

Upon being arrested, police found a mobile phone and 11 bank books in her possession. According to the Chiang Rai Times, she allegedly created a Facebook account in the name of Kanjira to ask the policewoman’s contact for help. She allegedly told them she desperately needed money and asked them to transfer funds to bank accounts opened by people whom she had paid. The victims were then cut off from her after transferring the money, which totalled around 400,000 baht.

Natthaya apparently confessed to police after being arrested, saying that she didn’t know she stole the identity of a policewoman. She also said that after she realised her mistake, she tried to reimburse the victims. But, after realising police were looking for her, she fled to Saraburi from her home province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Kanjira tracked down Natthaya by using financial transactions and Facebook records. Natthaya was charged with making false and fraudulent statements on computer systems and public fraud.

Back in October, a Thai man was arrested after he tried to fulfil his dream job – impersonating a police officer.

The 30-year-old man, Kamfon Kunlachart, in full police uniform, reported himself ready for work to the superintendent at a police station in the Din Daeng district of Bangkok at 9.30am on Friday, October 7.

Kamfon met with the inspection police officer, Nattawut Anchoorit, and informed him that he was a new officer on his first day. He added that he was a police major general and a 75th alumnus of the Royal Police Cadet Academy where he gained a major general rank.

Nattawut informed the media that he was suspicious because it was too early for a 75th Royal Police Cadet Academy graduate to claim a major general rank. Furthermore, there was no notification about the new officer, and Kamfon did not have a police identification card either.

Nattawut pretended to go along with the ruse and accept the man as a new officer. He asked him to do some squat jumps saying it was a welcoming tradition.

Nattuwut and other officers then questioned Kamfon until he admitted that he was not a police officer, confessing he brought his uniform from the e-commerce platform Lazada.

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