Thai police seize 400,000 litres of smuggled oil in Gulf of Thailand

Coastal vessels carrying a whopping total of 400,000 litres of smuggled oil were apprehended in the Gulf of Thailand. The seizure took place off the coast of Sattahip district in the eastern province of Chon Buri. The interception, which occurred this morning, March 19, was a result of a joint patrol operation by the Marine and Crime Suppression Division police.

The suspect vessels, numbering five, were located roughly 100 nautical miles from the Sattahip shoreline around 7am. Upon search, it was discovered that these ships were collectively transporting over 400,000 litres of untaxed oil. Consequently, both the vessels and their crews were detained, with the illegal cargoes seized.

The apprehended crews, totalling five, were handed over to the jurisdiction of the Sattahip police, who will be undertaking legal proceedings. As for the smuggling operation, the investigation is being expanded by the police to gather more information.

The discovery and subsequent confiscation of contraband oil from these vessels underscore the relentless and effective efforts of the Thai police force in combating illegal activities within its coastal regions, said a source from the Crime Suppression Division.

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“Illicit activities such as these pose a direct threat to the economic stability of our nation. Our officers are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our marine and territorial borders.”

The scale of this operation illustrates the significant measures the Thai authorities are taking to curb smuggling activities. It also highlights the potential financial loss to the state in terms of unpaid taxes from these illegal operations. Consequently, these efforts are crucial in safeguarding the economic health of the nation, reported Bangkok Post.

Only last month, the Second Naval Area Command of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) received a report about a boat allegedly involved in illicit oil smuggling to fishing vessels near Songkhla on February 8.

In response, the RTN launched an investigation which uncovered a vessel specifically adapted for clandestine oil transportation, carrying an astonishing 10,000 litres of illicit oil intended for local fishermen operating in Songkhla on February 7.

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