Thai police hunt Tajik suspect in Russian man’s murder in Phuket

Photo via MGR Online and ThaiRath

Thai police identified a Tajik man as a suspect in the murder of a Russian man at a cannabis farm in Phuket. The accused foreigner already left Thailand on March 12.

A 34 year old Thai man, Burin, filed a report on the missing Russian man, 42 year old Artur Mkhitarian, at Chalong Police Station yesterday, March 13. Burin explained that Mkhitarian was a customer of his car rental shop. Burin said Mkhitaryan’s girlfriend asked him to track the car’s GPS because she lost contact with her boyfriend on March 11.

Burin went on to explain that he discovered the car parked outside a house in the Chalong sub-district of Mueang district, Phuket, and promptly investigated the scene. Finding no occupants within the house, which was secured from the inside, and suspecting foul play, Burin promptly notified the police of the situation.

Officers broke into the house and found that it had been converted into a cannabis farm. Further investigation inside the house led to the discovery of Mkhitaryan’s dead body. He was found lying in a pool of his blood and bearing several wounds to his neck and body. Police believed that he died at least 12 hours before his discovery.

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Evidence of a struggle was found inside the house, with cannabis plants scattered on the ground. Mkhitaryan’s body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital for autopsy, and his death was reported to the Russian embassy.

According to the police report, the house was rented by a Thai woman who had a Tajik boyfriend, suspected to be the murderer. Police revealed that the Tajik man had previously operated a travel agency from the premises before converting it into a ganja farm.

Police told MGR Online that many foreigners came to the house to purchase cannabis. It remains unclear whether Mkhitarian was a buyer or a business partner of the Tajik man.

The Tajik suspect reportedly left Thailand on March 12. His Thai girlfriend, who leased the property, is due to be summoned for questioning shortly.

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