Thai mother accuses son’s girlfriend of swindling 891,000 baht

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A Thai mother in Pattaya accused the mother of her son’s ex-girlfriend of tricking her 17 year old boy into giving them 891,000 baht. The half-Irish, half-Thai teenager was reportedly in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend’s 33 year old mother.

The teenager’s mother, 44 year old Kung, explained that she was married to a 74 year old Irish man, Martin, and had three children, 20 year old Dylan, a 17 year old Jesse, and a 10 year old girl. Her middle son, Jesse, disappeared for 14 days and she was concerned for his safety.

Kung disclosed that the issue sparked after Jesse dated his 16 year old classmate. Kung accused the girl and her family of tricking Jesse into transferring 891,000 baht from her husband’s bank account to them in June last year.

According to Kung, the money was her husband’s monthly pension transferred from his home country. Her husband planned to spend the money on a retirement visa. However, the ATM card was with Jesse, and he was able to withdraw the money at his girlfriend’s request.

Kung said Jesse’s girlfriend distanced herself after the money ran out. Unexpectedly, the girl’s mother came forward and developed a relationship with Jesse, hoping to receive a monthly pension of 25,000 baht.

Jesse and his ex’s mother engaged in sexual activity, prompting the woman’s husband to sue Jesse for having an affair with his wife. The man also threatened to sue Kung and her husband for more than 2 million baht in compensation.

Kung said that she and another son searched for Jesse every day, hoping he would return. She emphasised that she and Jesse’s father were prepared to forgive him. Kung also urged her ex’s mother to bring Jesse home to avoid legal complications.

Kung complained to Nongprue Police Station, accusing the woman of abducting her son. However, the police dismissed her complaint, noting that Jesse had willingly gone with the woman.

A well-known Thai lawyer, Ronnarong Kaewphet, promised to help Jesse’s mother. Ronnarong explained that the woman’s husband would not be able to sue Jesse for the affair or seek compensation from Jesse’s family.

Instead, the woman would be charged with taking Jesse away from his parents, which carries a severe penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to 200,000 baht.

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