Thai monk sent to rehab after discovery of drugs, condoms, and penis enlargement pump

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The Thai authorities sent a monk for rehabilitation at a hospital in the Isaan province of Maha Sarakham after the jaw-dropping discovery of drugs, condoms, and a penis enlargement pump in his accommodation.

Complaints flooded the Borabue district office, in the Maha Sarakham province, by locals who were fearful of the 54 year old monk named Thawee. Frightened locals voiced concerns, alleging that the erratic monk’s actions hindered religious activities, leaving worshippers, especially children, in jeopardy.

Officers from the Borabue District Office visited the temple to question Thawee where he admitted to using methamphetamine, also known as Yaba, inside the temple. Thawee underwent a drug test and was found to have Yaba in his system.

The local authorities then searched Thawee’s temple accommodation and discovered Yaba, cannabis, and drug tools in his possession. A toy gun was also discovered in Thawee’s bag. He claimed that he fired the toy gun within the temple just to chase away the pigeons.

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In addition to drug use, Thawee was suspected of violating Buddhist monk rules by having sex with women, as 40 condoms, Viagra and a penis enlargement vacuum pump were found in his accommodation.

Thawee’s excuse was that he used the condoms as pots to grow plants, and the Viagra and vacuum pump were used to treat his benign prostatic hyperplasia and dysuria.

Subsequently, Thawee was forced to leave the monkhood and ordered to undergo drug rehabilitation at a hospital in the province. No legal charges have been filed against Thawee and no police officers were involved in the operation.

In a related report, another Thai monk was arrested yesterday for drug use at a temple in the Isaan province of Buriram. The 62 year old monk revealed that he bought five Yaba pills for 100 baht from teenagers in the community. He claimed he tried Yaba only to learn about its disadvantages and to share this knowledge with people in the community.

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