Thai monk dies in sweltering heat after drunk policeman causes power outage

A drunk policeman crashed into an electric pole causing a power outage in Surin province in northeast Thailand on Thursday amid soaring temperatures. This caused problems for a Buddhist monk with a lung complaint because he was hot and couldn’t turn on his fan because of the power outage. His naked body was discovered in his room the next morning, reports Sanook.

On Friday morning, 58 year old Phra Boon Chad from Wat Chai Prakom temple did not join his fellows on their daily alms round, which he never usually misses. Monks went into his quarters to check on him to find him lying dead on the floor. The monk was found naked, expected to have taken off his robes for some relief from the sweltering heat during the night.

In his room, police found inhalers and various medicines. The monks said Phra Boon Chad had lung disease. He couldn’t walk and got around using an electric vehicle, they told reporters.

Phra Sombat, a 42 year old monk, said that Thursday was an extremely hot day. All of a sudden, the power went out, so all the monks went outside to sit in the shade. Phra Sombat said that Phra Boon Chad drove his electric vehicle over to the monks to talk with them as usual.

The deceased complained that he was hot and struggling to breathe without the fan turned on, said Phra Sombat. Then, Phra Boon Chad returned to his room. After the monk never turned up to his alms round on Friday, Phra Sombat took some food to his room, which is when he found his body.

The weather was so hot and stuffy that it was like an oven, said Phra Sombat. With no breeze at all, the summer heat is difficult for everyone but especially difficult for those with underlying illnesses and the elderly, said Phra Sombat.

Phra Sombat said that the monks later discovered that the power went out because a drunk policeman crashed his car into a power pole around 1 kilometre away from the temple. Police are in the process of prosecuting the officer.

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