6-wheel truck crashes into 4 cars: 11 injured including 5 month old child

A six-wheel truck smashed into four cars resulting in 11 injuries, including a five month old child, on Bang Na-Trat Road in the Bang Wua sub-district, Bang Pakong district, Chachoengsao province. The driver allegedly confessed that he picked up his phone to answer a call and did not notice the other cars.

At 8.30pm yesterday, officers from Bang Pakong Police Station and a rescue team arrived at the accident scene on Bang Na-Trat Road.

The six-wheel white Isuzu truck was parked with a little damage to its front on Bang Na-Trat Road. The truck driver, 30 year old Nattapon Jomkhamsing, waited for police officers to arrive at the scene. Nattapon claimed that he was driving toward Bangkok in the left lane when he received a phone call. He said he did not notice cars were lining up to make a U-turn and crashed directly into those cars.

Four vehicles were affected and 11 victims were injured, including:

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  • A black Honda Civic sedan.
    The driver, 39 year old Niphat Chantate, and another three family members were injured.
  • A white Chevrolet Cruze sedan.
    The driver, 33 year old Wiphada Boonsaen, her five month old baby, and another one passenger were injured.
  • A black Mitsubishi Pajero.
    The driver, 30 year old Sittkorn Sukthai, and one passenger were injured.
  • A white Ford Ranger.
    The driver, 46 year old Channarn Atsnathip, and another passenger were injured.

All of the victims were sent to Chularat 11 Hospital for treatment. Their conditions were not reported by the police and rescue team.

According to KhaoSod, one driver was furious and screamed at the truck driver at the scene and officers had to intervene to prevent the situation from escalating further.

A similar accident involving with six-wheel truck occurred yesterday. The truck driver, 25 year old Thotsaporn, crashed his vehicle into a trailer and killed the trailer driver, 40 year old Raktapong. Thotsaporn admitted to police that he fell asleep and lost control of the vehicle.

Another accident occurred three days ago on a motorway in the Isaan province of Sisaket. ThaiRath reported that the truck driver, 41 year old Prapas Jaikaew, crashed his vehicle and killed a victim, 43 year old Sook Chomhom, while he was standing beside his broken pickup.

Prapas confessed that he noticed the victim standing there and tried to change lanes to avoid the crash. However, another pickup was coming into the next lane, which prevented him from changing lanes in time, resulting in the collision.

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