Thai Model, Ticha Kanticha, promotes sex-ed and positivity in Thai society

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Kanticha Chumma, also known as Ticha Kanticha, has become a prominent figure in Thailand due to her impressive win as the best model in the reality show, The Face Thailand Season 2. However, her influence extends beyond the modelling industry, and she has become an advocate for sex education and challenged social norms in Thailand.

The 28 year old model, actress, and YouTuber first gained recognition after winning the best model award in the reality show The Face Thailand Season 2 in 2018. Since then, she has participated in various television dramas and modelled for several shows.

One of Ticha’s remarkable traits is her confidence and unique personality. She spent her childhood in different parts of the world, including Sweden, southern Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Phuket.

Two years ago, Ticha started a YouTube channel and launched a series of videos called “I Kan Teacha,” where she talks about sex and sex education. Through her channel, Ticha aims to promote sex positivity and eliminate the stigma surrounding the topic in Thai society.

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Several Thai celebrities, doctors, and specialists have appeared as guests on her YouTube channel, even her sibling and mother. They have shared their experiences and swapped interesting facts about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and other sex-related topics that most Thais see as taboo or stigma.

In one episode of I Kan Teacha, Ticha invited her mother to be a guest and emphasized the importance of communication and sex education in the family. She shared her experiences of sexual harassment and encouraged others to speak up for themselves.

Ticha joined The Thaiger media team as a guest on the Thaiger Podcast, where she discussed her life, the journey she has taken to break stereotypes of Thai actresses, how she uses her platform to educate Thai youths about sex education, and her new product. Watch the full episode below:

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