Pheu Thai urged to uphold transparency, military reforms by MFP

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Pheu Thai Party is being urged to uphold its commitments to enhance transparency and efficiency in Parliament, introduce a new political amnesty bill, and accelerate military reforms, according to Move Forward Party (MFP) chief adviser Pita Limjaroenrat.

These commitments were outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that Pheu Thai and MFP signed before agreeing on the allocation of the House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker positions, ahead of forming their coalition government.

Pita emphasised these points during a meeting held yesterday, marking the first day of the new parliamentary session. His remarks were directed at Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, the Cabinet, and other parties that have acknowledged the MoU.

House Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, formerly a leader within the Prachachat Party, was nominated for his current role to resolve a deadlock between Pheu Thai and MFP. This conflict arose when the eight prospective coalition parties, led by MFP, struggled to form a government last year.

As part of the agreement, an MFP MP for Phitsanulok province, Padipat Suntiphada, who was initially nominated for the House Speaker role, was appointed as the first deputy speaker instead.

In a subsequent political manoeuvre, Padipat was expelled from MFP, allowing him to maintain his deputy House speaker position while enabling the party to lead the opposition. This tactic was necessary since opposition parties are legally barred from having one of their members occupy a House speaker or deputy speaker position simultaneously, said Pita.

“The promises made in the MoU must be honoured for the coalition government to function effectively.”

Additionally, MFP list-MP Nutthawut Buaprathum, serving as the opposition chief whip, addressed the House meeting yesterday regarding the necessity of allowing more than two House meetings per week. Nutthawut argued that the increased frequency is essential due to the extensive number of bills awaiting deliberation.

“Given the high number of bills pending, more frequent meetings are crucial to ensure timely and thorough consideration.”

The session underscored the importance of maintaining the coalition’s agreed-upon reforms and the need for legislative efficiency to handle the pending workload effectively. The coalition government, led by Pheu Thai and supported by MFP, faces significant expectations to deliver on the promises outlined in the MoU, reported Bangkok Post.

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