Thai man’s test drive goes viral as EV’s AI says ‘I quit’

An amusing incident involving a young man test-driving an electric vehicle (EV) has gone viral on social media today. While attempting to command the vehicle’s artificial intelligence (AI) to lower the windows, the AI responded with the unexpected phrase, “I quit,” causing a wave of laughter across the online community. The story was shared by a user on Facebook’s EV Club Thailand Group, a platform for sharing experiences and updates about EVs.

The young man, a member of the group, posted a picture and wrote about his experience.

“Hello everyone, today I had the opportunity to test drive an EV from a particular brand. Before the drive, I was at an event and sat in the vehicle with an older gentleman. A sales representative was demonstrating the voice command system to the gentleman.

The sales representative attempted to command the AI to open the sunroof but the AI responded, “I do not understand.” After several attempts, the AI finally processed and executed the command.

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It was guessed that the confusion may have been caused by leaving the door open, resulting in the AI misinterpreting the commands. When the sales representative tried to command the AI to lower the windows, after two to three attempts, the AI responded with, “I resign” and “I quit,” causing the young man to burst into laughter. This left him wondering where the AI had learned this response.

The post attracted a lot of attention, with netizens liking and commenting on the post. Some of the comments included dizzy, protesting, laughing so hard my stomach hurts, and the sales representative must be on edge, this is not a good sign for the profession – resigning.

One comment suggested that the AI may have misinterpreted the words I’ll quit or end the task. Regardless, the incident brought smiles to the faces of the online community and added a light-hearted moment to their day, reported KhaoSod.

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