Thai man with mental illness disappears after his arrest in Bangkok

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A Thai mother sought help from news agencies after her son, who had a history of mental health treatment, disappeared after being arrested by officers and was last seen at Don Mueang Police Station in Bangkok on December 1.

The 57 year old woman Boonyuen revealed with Channel 3 that her son, Wasan Prasitthikasikorn, also known as Tee, had a history of taking drugs that caused him to develop mental illness. After a year of treatment, he recovered and was able to earn a living. He worked as a taxi driver and lived alone in an apartment in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok.

Boonyuen went on to say that Tee called her and his daughter, who lived in the northern province of Kampaeng Phet, almost every day. He made a final call to her in the early hours of November 26 saying “I cannot take it anymore! No more!” and hung up.

Boonyuen tried to contact her son but was unsuccessful. So, she asked a relative in Bangkok to check on him at the apartment. However, Tee was not there, and a neighbour told the relative that Tee was arrested on November 26 because he went on a rampage.

Boonyuen decided to go to Bangkok to look for her son. She went to Don Mueang police station to see him, but he was not there either. Officers told Boonyuen that they had arrested Tee in the early hours of November 26 and released him at 2pm.

Tee was still causing chaos in public, so they arrested him again in the evening, but police did not say when they released Tee after the second arrest.

Police eventually conduct search

Boonyuen asked to check a security camera at the police station and found her son in the police station until 9pm on December 1. Since then, she has received no further information about her son.

Boonyuen stated that her son quit drugs a long time ago but still used kratom and cannabis as she found them in his apartment. She believed that he went out of control because of these items.

Channel 3 questioned Don Mueang Police Station about the case Police said Tee was only detained for 48 hours and released without charge. Tee was seen in CCTV footage on December 1, which could be a form of temporary living used by some of those detained before leaving.

Officers said they would search for Tee and return him to his family as soon as possible. Tee’s mother has reportedly been asked to provide further information to the police today.

According to the Mirror Foundation, Tee was 170 centimetres tall and weighed 70 kilograms. He had warm skin, short black hair and tattoos on his left leg, left arm and back. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and black shorts. Anyone with information can contact the Foundation on 095 631 1914.

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