Thai man surrenders to police following fatal assault on girlfriend

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A 34 year old man today surrendered to local police in the Nonthaburi province of Thailand, following accusations of causing fatal injuries to his girlfriend. The incident took place at the Bang Sri Mueang Police Station, where the accused, Thanawat, was interrogated by law enforcement officials.

The accused was brought to the station in the early hours by his relatives. During the interrogation, Thanawat, also known as Bo, admitted to physically assaulting his girlfriend due to jealousy, causing her to fall and hit her head on the bed. He also acknowledged that the victim’s broken ribs were a result of the assault. He confessed that their relationship was often marked by arguments.

Thanawat was initially charged with causing bodily harm leading to death. However, further detailed interrogations were scheduled to confirm the charges. The police did not comment on whether they would oppose bail.

Meanwhile, it was learned that Thanawat had visited the victim’s house and had a conversation with her family. The police will interrogate the victim’s family again to verify the accused’s statements, reported KhaoSod.

While waiting for further investigation, the accused sought forgiveness from the deceased’s mother, who was present at the police station. He admitted his guilt, whether intentional or not and asked for the mother’s forgiveness as he felt remorse for his actions. He revealed that he had planned to visit the hospital when the victim was admitted, but he had to flee as the police were tracking him.

This admission led to an outburst from the mother, who confronted Thanawat, questioning his claims of love for her daughter. She reminded him of his promise not to harm her daughter physically and to communicate any issues with her before taking drastic actions. The mother expressed her grief and anger, stating that his actions were not reflective of someone in love.

Following this confrontation, Thanawat was returned to police custody for further detailed interrogation before proceeding with legal actions.

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