Thai man seeks justice after repeated thefts and 14 stitches to his penis

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An 83 year old Thai man yesterday demanded police to take action after suffering repeated thefts and receiving 14 stitches to his penis following an attack by a thief in the Isaan province of Loei.

The victim, Tanat, told Channel 3 that his home had been robbed five times. The latest incident took place at about 4am, yesterday, January 3. Tanat said he woke up and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast but encountered a thief aged about 30 years old.

The assailant approached Tanat, launching a vicious attack by gripping his neck with the left hand while grabbing his penis with the right, causing Talat to collapse to the ground. Rushed to the hospital by his 59 year old daughter, Sawat, he underwent a procedure involving 14 stitches to mend a tear inflicted on his penis during the assault.

Sawat recounted hearing her dog barking, followed by her mother’s cry for help. Investigating the commotion, she discovered her injured father lying on the kitchen floor.

Despite the brutal assault, the thief left empty-handed this time, managing to escape the scene. Tanat suspected the culprit was a drug-addicted teenager from the community, strongly believing it was the same individual who had previously targeted his home.

Tanat guessed that the thief gained entry through a second-floor window and scoured the first floor for valuables.

He revealed that the total loss from five repeated thefts was over 100,000 baht.

Sawat urged the police to take the matter seriously because she and her family have been living in fear for a long time. They reported the thefts to the police but nothing was done and the thefts continued.

Tanat’s neighbour, 63 year old Suwit, told Channel 3 that a thief broke into his house a few days ago but left empty-handed. He confronted the thief in the middle of the night and he fled.

Officers from the Khok Ngam Police Station assured the media that they would visit Tanat’s house to conduct an investigation and collect evidence in the case today, January 4.

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