Thai man saves girlfriend from ex’s acid attack, suffers severe injury

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A Thai man suffered a severe injury after he bravely protected his girlfriend from an acid attack carried out by her ex-boyfriend.

The incident happened at the victim’s house in the Si Maha Pho district in the central province of Prachin Buri at midnight, on April 17. The female victim, Roongrat Towong, recounted that she heard a knock on her door at midnight. She and her boyfriend, Saengpetch, answered the door to find her ex-boyfriend, Thongkham Klomthong.

Roongrat inquired why Thongkham had come to her house in the middle of the night, but he remained silent. Suddenly, he took out a cup of acid, opened the lid, and threw it at her.

Saengpetch, who was standing beside her, immediately jumped in front of her to shield her from the acid, resulting in severe injuries all over his body, particularly his eyes. Roongrat was also injured as the acid hit her face and other body parts.

Thongkham fled from the scene after the attack. Roongrat was unable to see how her ex escaped since she rushed to the toilet to wash off the acid while her boyfriend ran out to ask for help from the neighbours.

Roongrat explained that Thongkham vanished from her life two months earlier, and she thought he would not return, so she began dating Saengpetch.

Two weeks before the incident, Thongkham contacted her to inquire about her new boyfriend, and she admitted to seeing Saengpetch. Thongkham did not express any grievances and wished her luck, and Roongrat did not anticipate his violent reaction.

Saengpetch is currently receiving treatment at Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital. In an interview with ThaiRath, he stated that he knew Thongkham because they had previously worked together.

Roongrat’s daughter, 25 year old Chureeporn Towong, filed a complaint at Si Maha Pho Police Station. Chureeporn revealed that Thongkham had repeatedly appeared and disappeared from his mother’s life, prompting her mother to cut him off. She hopes that the authorities will apprehend the suspect quickly.

Last year, a man splashed liquid acid on his ex-girlfriend after he failed to win her back. The incident occurred outside a salon where the victim worked.

The security camera of the salon captured the moment when the woman ran blindly into the shop to ask for help after the attack. The attacker later surrendered himself to the police saying he wanted her back and could not agree on the difficulties.

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